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Since you are always inquiring...

So many people approach, asking “Well Goddess, what is your favorite kink?” 

As you might guess - like colors or smells, people or places - I have MANY favorites! I’ve been a Mistress almost a decade. While the specifics are all listed on My site - My mood, the scene, the flow and chemistry totally depend on the person I’m with. I want to know what their kinks, fetishes, and fantasies are, what they want to explore or what boundaries they want to push or prod, so I can ignite My imagination. Know that I am a sadist and enjoy corporal and impact play of all kinds. But pain IS NOT necessary. I love slow, sensual, experimental play that includes sensory deprivation with tie and tease. Extended play where you give yourself to Me, to do with whatever I please, for hours on end. Your body is My toy and your mind is My playground - and I make all the rules. Extensive foot worship is necessary - only after, equally extensive high heel worship. I have a fetish for heels, harnesses, hoods, lingerie, makeup, jewelry, boots, belts, and intriguing fetish clothes & accessories - leather especially. I will be spoiled and showered with luxe gifts to bring Me joy, elegance and style. 

I am more invested in those that are naturally submissive, and devoted to serving Me completely. They already know their place - or are eager and ready to learn it. I find joy and passion in so many peaks and valleys of Femdom, that I invite all My pets to find that joy with Me, beneath Me, on their knees and under My total control. Where you belong. 

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