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Unlearning Male Entitlement

It's funny really - men actually think they are entitled to Women's attention.

That type of entitlement is so predictable these days, I can make a fun game of it all. Set 'em up, and knock 'em down. I wouldn't say it's a challenge, really, but it's god damn entertaining.

For far too long, men have been comfortable taking advantage of the patience and composure Women are supposed to embody. All in the hopes of getting their little pricks wet.

Patience is not my strong suit.

I have no time for your games, or your silly, little try-hard advances. I saw you from across the room and knew you'd have a weak handshake. But you were staring already. Typical, slack-jaw drooling from an eager bottom who wears his weakness on his sleeve, collar and breast pocket.

You came over and tried at banter.

"Lovely shoes."

Really? Not even a whisper of couth.

"Do you like them? They're brand new, a bit tight. Can't wait to take them off later."

Why waste time? I knew exactly what you were after and I was more interested in getting the upper hand with My first words said in your direction.

"Anthony" you reached out your hand.

"Simone. And what brings you all the way across this room to comment on My heels, Ant?"

"It wasn't your heels, Miss Simone. It was your shoulders, jaw, neck and chin. You walk with such certainty, your shoulders proudly back and your head held high - as if you were royalty, in this life or another. "

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. Articulate and flatteringly observant. I raised an eyebrow and maybe smirked a bit.

But as the falsely entitled man does, you tried to put your hand on the small of My back, and I retreated. I gave your wrist a firm grab with My freshly filed nails. Digging into your skin and tossing your arm aside, I threw you daggers from My eyes.

"And is that how you would approach royalty, a Queen? By thinking you can advance from your lowly position to lay a single finger upon My body? You are sorely mistaken, Ant. Clearly you've lost your way along the curves of My jawline - but do not mistake My sharp edges, for soft curves. I will cut you right back down to size."

Your eyes went wide and I even think I saw your lip quiver. Apologetic, you lost eye contact and stared down through your empty glass, to the floor.

To shake you back to reality, I offered,

"Your glass is empty which means you might need a refill of courage. You've got two hands - so bring over a glass of champagne for Me as well."

I never go on a hunt with an exact game plan in mind. I let it come to Me, and flow through Me completely. I learn from My prey and manipulate their movements, and soon there after - their thoughts.

With every action and reaction I can gauge My next move, and then a few moves ahead, to keep you fleeting between anxious thoughts of rejection and seduction.

You returned with the drinks, but couldn't bare to return your gaze to mine, so I lead us to a table where I could sit down and cross My legs, exposing the top of my stockings connecting to a red lace garter. I knew your lowered eyes would instantly be drawn from My heels all the way up. Then that slack-jaw again.

"So, Ant - it looks like you've landed yourself in a redeeming position. You've made an abrasive first impression. And Me, being the kind and understanding Woman I am, am giving you a second chance to show Me that you can do better. Can you do better, Ant?"

"I can try," you answered softly.

"Good. Then I want to ask you if you would like to get to know Me better?"

"Of course, Miss Simone. I am captivated."

"Then you will get to know Me with each one of your senses. One by one. Here, at this soiree."

"All of my senses? Even taste?"

More daggers from My eyes at him, but a smile spreading across My face as already thinking 5 moves ahead, I made plans.

"Lets see how you manage the other senses first, Ant."

You perked back up, shoulders rising, hope filling your chest.

"We will start with sight. With your eyes, I want you to follow My hips. Watch as I sway slowly with every pick of the guitar, every rise and fall of the piano. Back and forth, round and round, back and forth, the music slipping between My thighs and hugging My waist. Watch as I caress every curve, spinning and twisting as rhythmic as the sea."

In a trance you stared, while I outstretched My arm, come hither finger calling you over to dance. You rose slowly, unsure if you should move forward. As you inched closer, I raised both My arms to greet you.

"Move with Me, Ant. Dance! How warm it is in here?! The sweat from My neck and underarms is mixing with My earthy perfume and smells soo delicious. I want you to come closer, Ant. Keep your hands at your sides and bring your face just close enough so you can smell how sharp and sweet My essence is. How lucky you are to be so close to Me now, to enjoy such otherworldly aromas. Within inches of a real life Goddess."

You close your eyes as you inhale deep, holding it in, then slowly exhaling with your mouth open, sighing with euphoria. I couldn't help but bare My teeth in a wide smile at the position of My prey. With every breath in, you lifted your head to the ceiling, and I would get thoughts of biting your neck and making you cry out.

But, I held back. Still in public, and the game far from over.

I keep dancing around you, slowly twirling with My arms above My head, surrounding you with My fragrance, letting that and the 4 glasses of whiskey cloud your mind and inhibitions.

I brought My lips so close to your ear, that My words left a warm mist lingering there.

"Now I want you to listen very closely to Me, Ant. Listen. I am not going to repeat myself."

Slightly slipping out of your reverie, you opened your eyes and nodded,

"I am listening, Miss Simone."

"I want you to listen when I tell you that you are never, ever going to have ascendancy over another Woman. Her body, Her mind, or Her soul. The lust you are endlessly looking to fulfill, is a pathetic burden lost beneath the glory of Feminine Energy. The most you can hope to achieve as a male counterpart, is to offer yourself up to Our pleasure, Our amusement, and Our mercy. You will listen when I tell you, you are the inferior - but all hope is not lost. You can find purpose and meaning when you sacrifice your mindless orgasms to the control of your Goddess. You will assume your position as subservient to your Goddess Mistress, to give new light and meaning to your current pathetic excuse for existence. A new reason to wake up in the morning, living to serve the Feminine Divine."

Without so much as a whisper of a doubt, you nodded and agreed, " Yes, Goddess."

I reached down to grab your hand and lead you off the dance floor, your feet and head lighter after a hypnotic dance of power. I walked you to a corner table and sat you down. You looked up at Me with wide, puppy dog eyes, anxiously awaiting My next instruction.

"Now, Ant, comes a favorite of Mine. The sensation of touch, of feeling. Your skin is at the forefront of all your senses, tactile and ready to tease. But this is not about teasing, Ant. This is about testing."

I open up My bag and pull out a small, round, black ring.

"This, Ant, is a remote controlled vibrating ring. It looks small, but it stretches to fit snugly around the tip of your little member. Once securely in place, your Goddess only has to open her phone to be at the helm. I can easily change the speed levels and pulsating vibrations with the tap of a button. I can remotely control this ring around the tip of your prick from anywhere - from across the room, across the hall, across the street, and even across the country."

You gulped.

"Now, little Ant, I want you to excuse yourself to the toilets to put this ring into place. Then I want you to immediately return to this table to join Me for dinner"

"Yes, my Goddess."

A few minutes later you emerge, shuffling with small steps towards the table I was already seated at. I made sure to adjust My dress, pulling it even lower to let My delicate necklaces dangle between My breasts. My phone was on the table, next to My glass of champagne.

When you sat down your eyes darted between Me and the phone, then back down at your pants.

"Calm down Ant, just breathe. Why don't you order us some oysters."

You raised your hand and looked around to get a waiter's attention. I took that moment to discreetly swipe open My phone and turn on the controls. The swift surprise made you jump in your seat and your leg banged underneath the table. I didn't let up though, and you tried to steady yourself by tightly gripping the edge of the table with one hand. Giggling under My breath, I slowly lower the speed to a slow vibration, just enough so you could steady your words when the waiter approached.

"A dozen oysters please" you stammered out.

As soon as the waiter is gone, I am teasing again.

"Goodness, I'm still sweating from all that dancing," I say as I take an ice cube from My water glass, and start tenderly sweeping it across My chest and neck, letting little droplets slide down glistening between My tits.

You stare directly at My chest unabashedly, but I allow it, having you exactly where I want you - completely entranced.

You were so distracted, you didn't see as My other hand moved toward My phone again, raising the controls to a stronger pulse. Your mouth falls open and your eyes twitch slightly, starting to roll behind your lids.

I laugh out loud and your eyes roll back into place. You stare longingly at My tits as My nipples start to get hard from the ice across My chest.

Under the table, I slip My feet from My tight heels and outstretch them towards your vibrating lap. My toes wriggle their way across your calves, advancing quickly, as I continue to laugh at your attempts to hide your soft whimpers.

The muscles in your legs tighten as I move My feet right between your thighs, using My toes to caress your swollen balls through your shorts. It was clear you came here full of cum, in the hopes of expelling into or onto your next conquest. But I had other plans in mind.

I snapped My fingers to get your attention, and you looked up at Me in desperation. I turned up the controls a notch higher. You winced, then exhaled.

"Remember little Ant, when I told you you will sacrifice your orgasms to the control of Your Goddess? Now is time for you to commit to that sacrifice. It is time to prove your worth to Me, by relinquishing all control. You will cum for Me without ever touching that useless, little member between your legs, and it will be at the hands of Me And My clever machine. Your mindless orgasms now, and forever more, will only be expelled at My pleasure and command. Your cock belongs to Me!"

I swipe the dial to the highest speed.

Turned on by your anguish, I start to tease at My erect nipple over My dress, drawing your attention and pouring sweat from your brow.

"Now cum for Me little, Ant. Soak yourself in a puddle of cum, all for Me."

Your eyes and your mouth open wide as under the table, both My feet wrap around the bottom of your cock, caressing up and down, pushing My heels against your throbbing testicles. I am cackling as I feel a give under My heels, as you release completely, quickly soaking through your trousers.

Pleased with Myself, a grin plastered across My face, I turned off the ring from My phone, nuzzled My feet back into My shoes, and slowly arose holding My glass of champagne.

I walked over to you and put My hand on your shoulder,

"Remember Ant, I said you would be using all of your senses with Me tonight. Even taste."

I passed you the flute.

"This is not just any champagne, this is My champagne. My sweet, delicious nectar. The ultimate luxury. And might I say, you deserve it. You did well with your second chance, little Ant. So I will reward you with this small taste of heaven. Savor every drop of glory from a Goddess you will never conquer. After this glass you will surrender your life to My will, and you will forever remain My tiny, little ant."

Art By Pigo Lin


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